The first Regional PCCS Conferences started in 1988 in Kansas City, Mo.  The demand was created by private career schools in 1988 because there was a special need for specific training in financial aid for private career schools.  Larry Prather worked at one private career school in Kansas for 20 years as Director of Financial Aid with several locations.

We all attended as many FSA USDE, State and National Conferences, they did not offer what the private career schools needed.  Therefore, we feel the PCCS Conferences was offering the needed information dealing with financial aid for all types of private career schools.


The PCCS Conferences invited the USDE (no fee) to attend & do presentations covering all areas of financial aid.  This was necessary for USDE & PCCS Conferences to relate with rules and regulations, therefore, both parties was learning the details that was being applied through the rules and combined with States and National guidelines to operate the funding of Federal Funds.


The demand was developed by Region VII PCCS Conference in Kansas City, MO.  Therefore, the need spread to Chicago Region V Conference, then Philadelphia Regions I, II & III, then Atlanta Conference and last developed was Denver Regions VIII, IX & X.  Congress assigned a USDE-FSA-Liaison person to attend all the PCCS Conferences.  The average attendee is 175 to 250 private career schools, USDE, Presenters and Exhibitors.  The year 2018 the Regional PCCS Conferences will be 30 years old.  The past several we have had Community Colleges, Non-Profit, Profit and Universities attending because the PCCS Conferences has included teacher training (for all types of schools) technology, placement (on line), accounting, financial aid training and special sessions to cover requirements under USDE regulations.  We give thanks and credit to all involved the past 30 years.    



The Regional PCCS Conferences has always had board members starting out with 4 and today we have 10 to 12 board members at each one of the 5 PCCS Conference


The Regional PCCS Conferences were in such of a demand we added Terry Hopkins 1996 as our website director and working with the exhibitors, presenters and doing webinars currently.                     


          The Regional PCCS Conferences wanted to control our attendees & the growing interest of all types of schools, we added Kathy Hays to control the e-mail addresses bank and helps with the webinars.                     


          We have by-laws, pictures of attendees of past conferences, Ex.Dir

and several board members and USDE-FSA, presentations at one or more of the PCCS Conferences.


          The accounting records and payments are under the control of Larry Prather & Associates, Inc.  The Regional PCCS Conferences funds are processed through the identification number and certification (W-9).  The Regional PCCS Conferences was formed through the By- Laws that we created day one and updated throughout the past years.



Larry Prather- Larry Prather & Associates

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