Join us in Philly for 12 CEU’s !

Join me in Philadelphia!

Binge Teaching

12 hour Teaching Methodology class

Regions I, II, and lll Conference

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

April 2 -4, 2017


You’re a pro at binge-watching a Netflix series and can sit through a marathon of your favorite TV show, but how good are you at teaching to a generation who can play Pokemon Go, tweet their every step and Snapchat what they had for breakfast? This 12-hour class will give you the armor for engaging the selfie and hashtag generation. Discover ways to flip your classroom into a learning-based environment and start embracing the technologies your students are craving. You’ll learn how emotional intelligence can mold your lesson plans and you’ll bring excitement back into the classroom. This class is perfect for you if you’re:

  • Frustrated with the short attention span of your students
  • Looking for ways to make your students excited about coming to class
  • Wanting help to create Power Point presentations
  • Trying to engage your students with apps






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