A school may be certified to participate for up to six years. Recertification is the process through
which a school that is presently certified to participate in the FSA programs applies to have its
participation extended beyond the expiration date of its current Program Participation
Agreement (PPA). USDE (the Department) will notify a school six months prior to the
expiration of the school’s PPA. The school must submit a materially complete application before
the expiration date listed in its PPA.
If a school that is currently certified submits its materially complete application to the
Department no later than 90 calendar days before its PPA expires, its PPA remains valid, and its
eligibility to participate in the FSA programs continues until its application is either approved or
not approved. This is true even if the Department does not complete its evaluation of the
application before the PPA’s expiration date. (For example, if a school’s PPA expires on June 30
and it submits its application by March 31, the school remains certified during the Department’s
review period—even if the review period extends beyond June 30.) If the 90th day before the
PPA’s expiration falls on a weekend or a federal holiday and the school submits its application
(E-App) no later than the next business day, the Department considers the application to be
submitted 90 days before the PPA expires.
If the school’s application is not received at least 90 days before the PPA expires or is not
materially complete, the school’s PPA will expire on the scheduled expiration date and the FSA
program funding will cease. If a school’s eligibility lapses, the school may not continue to
disburse FSA funds until it receives the Department’s notification that the school is again eligible
to participate in the programs.
Following submission of an application, the School Participation Team will contact the school if
it has questions about the application. Generally, this will be within 90 days of the Department
receiving an application. If a school’s application has been approved, the Department will send
an electronic notice to the president and financial aid officer notifying them that the school’s
PPA is available to print, review, sign, and return. If the school’s application is not approved, ED
will notify the school and explain why.
Below is a sample letter that you will receive once you have submitted an application for
recertification.· Institutional refund policy (for students who withdraw from all classes)
· Return of Title IV Funds Policy
If the institution’s policies are described in detail on the institution’s Web site or in an online catalog, you
will be required to provide the URL links. If you need guidance related to developing policies consistent
with Federal Student Aid requirements, please note that the FSA Assessment Modules, located at, can assist your school in understanding and making a
thorough assessment of its policies. Additionally, please note that a self-assessment worksheet that
summarizes the required elements of each policy, including the regulatory citation for each policy, is
located at The
self-assessment tool is very useful in evaluating your own policies and compliance with federal
Additionally, the institution must ensure that its COD and G5 expenditures are reconciled for completed
award years, and that it is in compliance with the state authorization requirements of 34 C.F.R. § 600.9.
To assess your compliance with the

Assessment modules – Institutional Eligibility –

You will also find the “Help” section at



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